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Ways to Improve User Experience in E-commerce site

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 3, 2018

E-commerce was not always considered a credible medium for businesses. However, in recent years, e-commerce has reached a breaking point. More than half of consumers now prefer to shop online and analysis of e-commerce shows its growth in the market share.

Big data when utilized appropriately has the potential to revamp any business. Gathering data, structuring it, or deciding the data analytic tools is just halfway through the process. The real challenge lies in solving the data.

With so many options in the market, customers are often misled, which makes the choice more challenging. Leveraging big data analytics can address this issue by enabling the business to understand customer pattern and use the result to build a better product that increases customer satisfaction.

Bringing balance between a customer’s present needs with the company’s current expertise will improve the user experience. Analyzing and structuring customer data to perform research will result in providing a customer-desired product. In doing so, Artificial Intelligence helps in evaluating different operations and monitoring them to determine customer happiness. Gartner’s recent study reveals that Artificial Intelligence will control around 80 to 85 percent of the customer’s interaction by 2020, 67 percent of the survey respondents believe in AI to improve their organizations efficiency and AI is all set to find its position in the top five investment priority for more than 20 percent of the CIOs.

Relying on images and videos for product explanation can give a live experience for the users. Mandatory account registration for checkout, forced subscriptions, sudden interruption during a shopper journey, and demanding users to enter the same information more than once are bad options and can ruin the user experience.

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