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Ways to Optimize Data Center Capacity

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 15, 2018

With acceleration in the accretion of data, storage space is running out fast, and it is becoming highly expensive for each company to store data on-premise. Against that background, cloud storage is a better option for companies to maintain and access their data, albeit it is stored in a remote data center location. But the data centers are about to fall short to the on-coming data as more devices are about to be connected with IoT.

To optimize data center operations, infrastructure management is essential. Data scientists and managers have to maximize their space utilization with a properly equipped infrastructure in a high-powered environment. It is vital for the data center to have a proper cooling and airflow management system in place to reduce the cost of ventilation as the constant 24/7 use of the server generates a massive amount of heat and energy. Moreover, cable, power, and network lines management is essential as the separation of the various wires will help the data scientists reach the point of problem in case of short-circuits and faulty electrical surges.   

Security at these remote places is critical as each server is important for the cloud to function efficiently. Therefore, access to the IT equipments should be fairly controlled with high authentication support to prevent unforeseeable breaches. With that in mind, the complexity and cost associated with the maintenance of a data center can be reduced with the help of a proper data center cabinet ecosystem.