WCA Adopts Enterprise Enabler for Data Virtualization

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Stone Bond Technologies, a provider of data virtualization solutions announces that WCA Waste Corporation will integrate its Enterprise Enabler for Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP).

WCA is a solid waste management company that provides waste collection, transfer, material processing and disposal services. A Data Virtualization layer will be built to integrate the ERP with divergent cloud data from sources that include Salesforce and will eliminate most of the data silos and manual procedures currently being utilized at WCA. The ERP is built on .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platforms, with the data stored in data silos.

“Enterprise Enabler has created new information horizons for WCA. We have been able to consolidate, share and analyze millions of records in minutes across different systems and platforms. It doesn’t matter if our data resides in the cloud, databases, or spreadsheets,” says Antonio Marin, VP IT, WCA

A new source-specific AppComm will be added as a result of using Data Virtualization to consolidate the databases that are in the shard pattern of the ERP. To improve route efficiency, an analytic tool that combines driver and vehicle data through onboard instruments will be incorporated with the waste industry and data from the Radio-frequency identification (RFIDs) in the waste carts will be used.

“The innovation involved in configuring this new AppComm is responsible for the long list of sources we have integrated successfully where others have failed regardless of how disparate or unstructured the data is” says Pamela Szabo, CTO, Stone Bond.