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Wearable Technology Taking Customer Experience to The Next Level

By CIOReview | Friday, July 19, 2019

The world will soon have wearables as the key driver, and brands will need to count this new technology to improve customer experience.

FORMENT CA: With consumers suffering from device fatigue, businesses are likely to drive the adoption of most wearable devices, much like they drove the initial adoption of smartphones. A critical mass of the population will have wearables sooner rather than later. New use cases are emerging every day, and many companies have found practical applications already. Here are three ways a company can incorporate wearable technology to enhance their customer experience.

•    Tracking Customer Desires

Wearables can record a vast amount of information, and this information could give brands insights about a customer's desires. It provides a deep understanding of what customers want so that the brand can immediately deliver that as part of their customer experience. It is also a way for customers to do everything they want, purchasing, or creating itineraries. Some companies are even providing directions for customers. In the process, the data is collected and analyzed to enhance interactions with customers and learn more about their preferences. In this way, wearable technology is improving marketing efforts.

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•    Improving Security

Ensuring a secure payment environment for customers is one of the most challenging aspects faced by any brand. Identity verification and authorization processes have become much more critical to transactions. With the ability to leverage wearables for biometric authorization and transfer of data, brands have an opportunity to create a secure, fast transaction experience for the customer while ensuring security.

•    Empowering Employees

The wearable device on customers can provide an improved experience. But leading players are considering their internal team wearing accessories to enhance the overall customer experience. This helps identify places where the customer interacts with the brand that can be addressed in real-time for better results. The focus on customer experience can be aligned with employee performance through the data collected.

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As illustrated above, wearables have the potential to enhance the customer experience in several ways. Brands that focus on consumer and aspire to emerge success can do wonders with wearable technology.

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