Web Browsers Get Spikes AirGap Security
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Web Browsers Get Spikes AirGap Security

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FREMONT, C.A: Can a network be secure in today's world? Why do we need network security? Does the network security process ever stop? These are the big questions to be answered.

To deter network intruders, Spikes Security, a start-up has launched AirGap—a new security solution. Transport is a true hardware & network isolated web rendering engine. The solution allows any common desktop or mobile browser to become malware-immune. Comprehensive Isolate technologies are introduced to further prevent malware execution and associated risks. On any computer or mobile device, this approach protects both endpoints and web services against all sorts of threats.

True network & hardware isolation is the core attribute of Isolate technology which makes AirGap the one of the most secure application delivery technology possible. All user data streams are isolated and kept private with 256 bit encryption and active monitoring for unexpected activity. This provides accurate detection and isolation from advanced persistent threats.

By positioning its AirGap software outside the firewall, to isolate malicious traffic and transform content from an active to a display format, Spikes Security has certainly found a path to keep intruders at bay from getting inside corporate networks.

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