Web Conferencing Reaches a New High with Ecosmob Accentuating Development on Website

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OLYMPIA, WA: It’s become a maxim of modern business life; even most of the important meetings are not taking place in a conference room, but rather online with all attendees viewing a common computer screen. Expanding on the technology is Ecosmob, a VoIP solution provider. In recent development, the company announced an enhancement of its much appreciated VoIP solution for Conferencing software.

Ecosmob is known for providing custom development services for voice, video and web conferencing platforms. It has highlighted details of conferencing solution development services on its freeswitch specific website, freeswitchservice.com. It mentions details of the conferencing software on the webpage by displaying a list of simple to advanced features; enabling users to choose custom features for conference services.

The company developed the conferencing solution for meeting the needs of both single and multi tenants, and it aims to continue delivering custom development services based on clients requirements.

The company’s clients can now select the most prominent features based on the organizational needs and develop technology to suit the conference scope. It also significantly reduces the telecommunication and conference expenses by decreasing travel cost and conducting conference whenever needed. Customers can even take advantage of HD quality conference and some of its advanced technological features. The voice conference solution is capable of accommodating any number of participants and conferences.