WebDAM Streamlines Brand Management Using Brand Connect Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Jody Vandergriff, Co-Founder and CEO, WebDAM

Jody Vandergriff, Co-Founder and CEO, WebDAM

SAN MATEO, CA: WebDAM, a Shutterstock company providing Digital Management Solutions has released additional features to build WebDAM brand management solution Brand Connect, further simplifying and automating brand management tasks.

Brand Management includes capturing all aspects of designing, delivering and regulating the desired perception of the company. The solution includes agile delivering, controlling, and protecting brand assets while guaranteeing easy access to further ensure consistent usage among the entire organization.

Brand Connect is a brand management platform that centralizes approved content with adaptable brand guidelines and distribution controls. It also provides solution for building, organizing, and distributing brand assets and guidelines, enabling more content for geographically dispersed teams. The platform also simplifies brand- management across channels and platforms using social, analytic, and automation tools.

The feature of WebDAM Brand Connect comprises of digitized style guides through instant access to the most current and approved brand guidelines. The purpose built branded portals enables easily configurable drag-and-drop templates. Brand Connect also graphically displays key measures and trends to better asset feedback. The social features enhance users to like, comment and download aid in asset discovery. Using metadata and keywords users can personalize, configure and improve the end user search experience. Image Carousel features a central source to schedule the rotation of images, videos and other visual assets across multiple end-points.

"Many companies are struggling to manage their brands in this new digital environment. They rely on static brand guidelines in PDF documents that become outdated quickly, and distribute creative assets through network servers or cloud storage that put an immense burden on marketing teams to approve and fulfill requests. Brand Connect and these newly launched features equip teams with smarter, simpler technology built for digital marketing," says Jody Vandergriff, Co-Founder and CEO, WebDAM.