Webflow CMS to Help Designers with Complex Website Designing Tools

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: With an aim to provide designers the power to design websites without any hindrance, Webflow-a web design tool, CMS and hosting platform, has delivered its Webflow CMS.

It is a visual content management system (CMS), that enables designers develop complex dynamic websites without messing around with code. The platform helps them to design and structure content the way they like. Also, it offers features like, Wordpress removing the need for a team of web developers to customize it; designers can craft hundreds of pages at once; they can also highlight the right content and they can add dynamic content anywhere.

Moreover, after developing a website, clients and collaborators can add and edit content with an insightful on-page editor, eradicating the need for learning the complex back-end systems.

“We built Webflow to give professional designers the power to build websites without messing around with code. Webflow CMS takes that a step further, enabling designers to create powerful, dynamic websites without having to set up complex databases or code templates. It also gives clients and content professionals more control over their content, since they can make live edits directly on the page,” says Vlad Magdalin, CEO and Co-founder of Webflow.