Webroot Expands Enterprise Security Services with BrightCloud
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Webroot Expands Enterprise Security Services with BrightCloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BROOMFIELD, CL: Webroot, cloud-based security service provider has recently announced the expansion of its enterprise-class security solutions with the introduction of BrightCloud Security Services for Enterprise. It is a new portfolio of services which makes Webroot's threat intelligence available to enterprises through integration with popular network security and management platforms. The first services within this portfolio, BrightCloud for Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and BrightCloud for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), support integration with security solutions from Palo Alto Networks as well as Splunk.

BrightCloud IP Reputation for Palo Alto Networks enables enterprises to enhance the effectiveness of their PAN next generation firewall appliances by integrating highly-accurate IP reputation data with their PAN firewall to block malicious incoming IPs. On the other hand, BrightCloud IP Reputation Service for Splunk enables enterprises to correlate their network traffic and IP reputation data in their Splunk environment to facilitate early detection of IP related attacks.

"Businesses are struggling to identify and stop new web threats because the rate of change is faster than many current security technologies can keep up with. Either they are too slow to recognize new threats, or they are simply overwhelmed by the amount of data generated," says Mike Malloy, Executive Vice President of Products and Strategy at Webroot.  

With big data analytics and automated machine learning offered by Webroot, enterprises can expand the threat data in their existing network appliances and security management solutions with highly accurate and customized intelligence to gain earlier and more complete insight into potential web-based threats.

BrightCloud Security Services collect and analyzes threat intelligence across multiple vectors – IP, URL, File and Application and by Webroot technology partners, such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, SourceFire, F5, RSA, Aruba Networks, and Microsoft, who have embedded BrightCloud threat intelligence in their security solutions. Webroot correlates this data using the Webroot Intelligence Network, an innovative cloud-based security analytics platform, to provide actionable real-time threat intelligence with higher accuracy and fewer false positives than other threat intelligence solutions.

"Webroot's BrightCloud Security Services for Enterprise provide truly actionable insight by continuously assessing the risk of incoming IPs based on both their reputation and their relationship to other IPs, malicious URLs, files and apps, and we tailor that intelligence to each customer's unique environment," adds Malloy.

Webroot is also showcasing the new BrightCloud Security Services for Enterprise and Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit from June 23-26, 2014 in National Harbor at Maryland. Webroot partner, ThreatStream, will also be presenting their integration of BrightCloud Security Services with their Optic threat intelligence platform within the Webroot booth.

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