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Wellesley Information Services and International Data Corporation Release Agenda for November Blockchain Conference

By CIOReview | Friday, October 13, 2017

DEDHAM, MA: Wellesley Information Services (WIS), an award-winning events and marketing services company, and International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global market intelligence firm, have released the full agenda for the upcoming conference, Blockchain for Business and IT Leaders, taking place in Boston/Cambridge, November 8-9.

“Increasingly, there is a need for both business and IT decision makers to understand how emerging technologies such as blockchain can and will affect their businesses. This event provides meaningful content on how this technology can be applied, as well as practical advice for helping businesses make better decisions in the short- and long-term,” said Bill Fearnley, IDC’s Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain Strategies.

“I am excited to collaborate with IDC on Blockchain for Business and IT Leaders,” said Rizal Ahmed, President of WIS Events. “IDC has a renowned ability to guide IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community through its toughest technology decisions. Produced and conducted under our Data Informed brand, this conference brings together the world’s top blockchain experts in one location. It is an unprecedented event in this space,” Ahmed added.

Blockchain for Business and IT Leaders will be focused on blockchain’s significant impact across many different industries and organizations around the globe, including supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, media, energy, finance, insurance, and retail. The conference takes a strategic look at transaction transparency, system efficiencies, real-time transaction records, information clarity, and more, and will cater to a global audience.