WFT Deploys SAP HANA TDI for Smooth Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PRINCETON, NJ: Wharfedale Technologies (WFT), a technology consulting firm has successfully deployed SAP HANA tailored data center integration (TDI) for government agencies in Saudi Arabia, enabling agencies to draw advantage of the in-memory technology and analyze all transactional and analytical data in real time.

WFT has experts who are authorized in SAP HANA technology, in performing installations and helping customers by designing and deploying high- availability and disaster-recovery solutions for SAP HANA tailored data center integration. The software comprises of nine production and thirty-eight non-production systems. SAP HANA comes with database servers using TDI technology, configured HANA database servers, validated key performance indicators for production HANA database, implemented and validated HANA backup solution with Networker and validated SAP HANA Disaster Recovery solution.

“Depending on the hardware used to deploy SAP HANA, Wharfedale has the skill set to deploy data protection, disaster-tolerance and high-availability solutions for deployments of SAP HANA leveraging shared enterprise storage in the SAP HANA tailored data center integration deployment model. Wharfedale has also implemented proof-of-concept projects for scale-up and scale-out deployments of SAP HANA,” says Rajeev Menon, VP of SAP Practice, WFT.