What are the Best Practices for Enterprise Security?
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What are the Best Practices for Enterprise Security?

By CIOReview | Friday, May 27, 2022
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Internet users are becoming increasingly aware of, and dissatisfied with, organizations that fail to ensure the security of their personal information.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprise security encompasses the strategies, techniques, and processes for protecting information and IT assets from unauthorized access and risks that may jeopardize the systems' confidentiality, integrity, or availability. It includes the technology, people, and processes involved in ensuring the security of digital assets. Because it covers the entire enterprise, this security focuses on the legal and cultural requirements of securing data assets belonging to an organization's user base.

Threats come from within the organization, such as human error or disgruntled employees and outside cyber-attackers. The best practices listed below can help the organizations improve its security capabilities on all fronts:

Safeguard data at rest and in transit. Determine which data assets must be encrypted and create a security strategy around them. Encryption should scale across your network while protecting data workloads in dynamic and distributed cloud environments. Finally, keep track of how well your encryption implementations are performing.

Set up tight Identity and Access Management controls. Limiting user access reduces the possibility of data leaks and network intrusions caused by human error or malicious intent.

Implement solid disaster recovery and risk mitigation strategy. A well-defined plan should include responsibilities and workflows for orderly and successful disaster recovery protocols. This plan should be updated regularly to combat growing cyber threats and change workforce landscapes.

Inform employees about cybersecurity precautions. The workforce can act as a strong first defense against cyber threats that target humans. Employees who lack security awareness, on the other hand, can be weak links in a security chain that is otherwise outfitted with advanced security solutions.

Manage endpoint security with technologies that continuously monitor network performance for anomalous data traffic. In addition, ensure that IoT devices are properly configured and running on the most recent firmware.

Senior management should be involved in the development of the enterprise security strategy. Cyber threats should not be treated as or relegated to an "IT only" problem; they are a business issue that must be addressed as a business activity. In addition, security expertise should extend to the executive level, where risk management decisions must be made.