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What are the Latest CPG Trends?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The CPG companies are following the latest trends in the market that will help them to increase their sales.

FREMONT, CA: Presently, one of the significant trends of the CPG industry is transparent packaging. The demand for transparent packaging is increasing because nowadays, consumers value transparency in business operations and sustainability. One of the critical features of transparency is a clean label. Therefore, the CPG brands have started to explore new packaging alternatives in the market, like bio-plastics and transparent glass containers. It will no longer be enough for the CPG manufacturers to list the ingredients on the label. Still, they have to prioritize the usage of packaging materials that will appeal to the customers and be environment-friendly. 


According to the market researchers, the overall growth of CPG has increased to 70%, mostly from online channels. One of the significant trends for CPG is digitalization due to which the companies are going digital. Moreover, CPG companies are focusing on online sales due to which they can enjoy essential benefits over other brands in the future. 

Demand of home-delivery

In the coming years, one of the most popular CPG trends will be home delivery services because nowadays, consumers prefer to get their packages delivered at home. Moreover, the traditional CPG will be pressurized to develop their sales models and delivery options because the new CPG brands will launch home delivery services. However, to boost their sales continuously, businesses must evaluate their customers' shopping patterns continually and progress themselves according to their needs.

Multi-channel Strategies

Another trend that has the potential to become mainstream in the CPG industry is the multinational business strategy. Today, with all the modern facilities, it has become difficult to win the consumers by relying on the brand image. The companies cannot stay dependent on the brand image to increase their sales. Therefore, it has become important for the CPG brands to apply multi-channel strategies to be at an edge in the competition of the market. These multi-channel strategies will also help the companies reach their customers directly with the help of digital channels. 

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