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What are the Latest Trends of Digital CX

By CIOReview | Monday, January 6, 2020

In 2020, businesses cannot just depend on implementing the new features and technologies for their own profit. They must focus on strategically designing and implementing hyper-personalization, BOTS, and AI.

FREMONT, CA: Technologies, such as web, mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and Internet of Things (IoT), are altering every aspect of the customer experience. Since the world is on the verge of starting a new decade, thriving organizations are continuously upgrading their design, digital strategy, and implementation initiatives. The goal of these companies is to inspire, engage, and retain their customers effectively. However, here are some of the significant trends of 2020.

1. Curating Personalized Digital Experiences

Along with the advancement done in ML and advanced neural networks, the hyper-personalization will continuously grow in precision and also accuracy. Most importantly, significant businesses will also eventually start learning to leverage AI while respecting consumer rights about their data.Top Digital Experience Tech Companies

Organizations have to assist their customers so that they can understand the value of personalizing the services and the information that they can share to receive it. People providing the companies access to data like their shopping history also expects a better experience. Since AI and hyper-personalization technologies are continuously growing organizations, have to predict not only the wants of the consumers but the information they want them to know.

2. Building Digital Assets with BOT

Bots can assist the organizations by telling their consumers the information they need to know and how they can optimally use it. BOTS is a part of a content delivery strategy due to which they can allow practicing information therapy that can be applied in several industries beyond healthcare. The organizations also have to make sure that they do not overload their patients with too many information. The BOT-based design, curation, and planning of digital assets will help the companies to offer proper information through the right channel.

The future of digitalized customer experience will continuously advance from a reciprocal dynamic between organizations and customers for interacting in a better human-centric process. However, the channels of communication might increase, but the fundamental procedure of cultivating the mutual relationship between the customer and companies will remain constant.

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