What are the New Trends in Web Design and Development?
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What are the New Trends in Web Design and Development?

By CIOReview | Monday, August 31, 2020

As the web is maturing, web designers, developers, and businesses alike should be at the forefront of modern web technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Even though overlapping the design elements, white space, typography, broken grids, parallax scrolling, and so on are the essential web design practices, but web development is how these functions. Therefore staying updated on the trends is vital for thriving in this dynamic space. Web design and development is turning to be more user-focused and intuitive with every passing day, and the developers are using new and emerging technologies to build web solutions.

Here are three significant trends in web design and development that are to stay in the long run.

User Experience

User experience is one of the essential aspects of web design and development. The designers are walking a tightrope where they have to maintain the balance between visual aesthetics and user functionality. The website or mobile application's flow should be intuitive and seamless. The web solution a designer is developing addresses a specific need of the user. The designer and developer should understand and empathize with the user and provide the most intuitive and straightforward solution to address that problem. Any complexities and effort can lead to user frustration, and they could lose the customer to a competitor.

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Mobile First

The phone has become a window to the world. The phone is used for everything – from keeping in touch to entertainment, ordering food, and fixing a date. Internet usage on mobile surpassed internet usage on the desktop a long time ago. This has enabled the users to access a website from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. All these devices have different screen sizes and form factors; therefore, the designer should opt for Responsive web development. A web solution can either have a mobile version- developed using native or cross-platform technologies. Otherwise, they can also opt for Progressive Web Apps for higher engagement and conversion.

Chatbots – Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots is another Web Development trend that will evolve further in the future. The bots are being utilized for customer care, search, and other client interactions. As per recent studies, all the major ecommerce websites are opting for Artificial Intelligence – Voice and Visual search shortly. Chatbots are revolutionizing the customers' online buying experience by offering them a more personalized shopping experience with product recommendations, personalized advertisements, and videos to encourage sales.

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