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What are the Recent Trends Followed in Capital Markets Tech

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2020

The increasing demand for faster delivery of new solutions and new analytical tools are helping the capital markets to apply better technologies.

FREMONT, CA: As the firms have started to demand more, the capital market's technology leaders are witnessing severe challenges. The increasing demand of the firms consists of faster delivery of new solutions, new analytical tools, and greater automation, and many more. 

A transition to the cloud will increase complexity for firms

The technology teams have access to most of the significant components of capital market data and infrastructure in the cloud. Many big companies have announced the global availability of the market data feed in the cloud. However, the transformation to a fully scaled solution is not yet complete due to which most of the asset managers and banks have to go through a half-in and half-out future, and they have to be agile and strategic while making decisions. Besides, it has become more complicated as the average enterprises using public cloud work with an average of two providers and more experiments. 

Demands for efficiency will prioritize on smart solutions architecture

Today CTOs at most of the larger firms are forced to recheck the complicated capital market data workflows due to the transition of services to the cloud. In larger firms, the comprehensive technology audit might reveal the manual data upload procedure that creates a delay in regular P&L analysis. These disconnected risk systems can delay the firm's portfolio risk analysis and duplicated systems concealed of expenditure. 

The demand for solution architects who have the skills to manage strategic planning has increased, but there is a lack of supply. Therefore, many companies tackle this issue by taking a collaborative approach with the clients in the systems designs, beginning with accurately planning where the new or present solutions will effectively fit for the future. 

Limited developer resources will increase the usage of developmental platforms

The competition for top technology talent and the increasing demand for technology solutions are in financial firms of all sizes. The big firms are maintaining the problem by increasing their recruits for developers. Moreover, the firms can focus on the processes in which they can efficiently utilize the developer time due to the scarcity of talent related to technology. 

Therefore, firms must decrease the time they spend on commoditized technology functions. CTOs can reserve their time for work, which can be more impactful for the users by utilizing off-the-shelf integrations solutions like the integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

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