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What are the Web Application Trends of 2019?

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 7, 2019

New web technologies are ruling globally in the world of web application development trends in the present, and there is more to come. It is essential for the decision-makers to be familiar with web development trends to sustain the rising competition and sharpen the knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the new web trends that are rising rather than going behind the trend that was on use until now.

Fremont, CA: The development in web application trends has resulted in businesses owning websites to gain success in this evolving digital world. Referring to a survey, the most dominant set-back of 77 percent of digital agencies is identified to be poor website UX.

Online shopping has long before taken a stronghold over the web. Each year, there is a more than 20 percent increase in the online sales market, and it is predicted to grow from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4 trillion in 2020.

Below are some vital Web Applications Development Trends of 2019

Chatbots and AI

Chatbots are making things easy for e-commerce developers by providing appropriate online assistance. It allows the users to order tickets, food, and other similar items in just a click. Artificial intelligence-based advanced chatbots will play a critical role in the upcoming years with the ability to understand live speech and learning always.

Motion UI

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Termed as one of the popular web application development trends in 2019, Motion UI adds a new life to a minimalistic website. Sophisticated motion UI includes animations that help the web developer to make the site unique among the contemporaries.


One of the most effective methods of collective data storage, blockchain, offers high-level security to the data. There are no intermediaries between transactions, and it is verified upon sophisticated algorithms despite having a large number of computers that are already participating.

These trends help business owners to ensure long-term relationships with their current customers and will also cater to attracting new customers.

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