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What constitutes for Efficient Customer Data Platforms

By CIOReview | Friday, March 22, 2019

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an innovative solution to manage a customer’s data. CDPs provide a single platform to import customer data from various platforms and then integrate, clean, and organize the data to create a unified profile for every customer. Marketing teams in an enterprise use the structured CDP data to provide customized services based on a customer’s preferences.

In recent years CDPs have become a critical tool for companies in implementing customer-centric marketing strategies. The platform has become a core component in an enterprise’s customer experience efforts as it collects and brings all the customer data together from all the channels, a customer interacts with the company. The channels through which the CDP tools extract data include email, social media, advertising, CRM, loyalty programs, in-store visits, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more, which provides companies with actionable insights into the customer behavior. Companies can integrate the information of a CDP platform with their Martech platforms to enable real-time delivery of consistent messaging and experiences to the customers across all channels. Marketing teams can also use the CDP data to select the customer group that might be interested in a specific marketing scheme, helping companies to improve their customer experience and retention.

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An efficient CDP platform can be used directly by the marketing platforms, and it does not need an IT department or any third-party vendors to manage the tool. CDP tools also need to have a scalable, persistent, and unified database system to store all the structured and non-structured customer data. In addition to that, a CDP platform also needs to have a friendly and easy-to-access user interface (UI), which will allow marketing teams to manage data and extract analytics without the help of IT department. An effective CDP tool should also have features to integrate customer profile with all the information from various channels into a single complete profile. Finally, an efficient CDP platform should be able to segment customers into specific groups, and it should also be able to activate the customer data by pushing it out to external systems and platforms. 

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