What Does Adopting Agile Practicing Mean for IT Enterprises?
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What Does Adopting Agile Practicing Mean for IT Enterprises?

By CIOReview | Monday, December 2, 2019

When an IT organization uses Agile practices, the business operations improve, and when an entire enterprise operates with an Agile mindset, it soars.

FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, the notion of Agile transformation has been restricted to IT or software development teams would get trained on a framework like the Scrum and then be expected to adopt the recommended practices to deliver the promised productivity and quality improvements. Many teams have attained success by applying Agile principles. But if these improvements happen only within the software development team, the enterprise as a whole won't be optimized and won't be able to present it to the customer. Organizations are now implementing a more holistic Agile approach by increasing the Agile principles and techniques throughout the organizations and implementing business agility in groups outside of IT. Although one of the Agile's principles says that businesses and developers should communicate daily, communication is often overlooked. Product owners are mainly separated both organizationally and physically, even if they do participate in a Scrum team. A major and common anti-pattern with new Agile teams is the lack of participation and buy-in from product management groups. But now, with business Agile, product management is getting much more notice, and businessmen recognize the importance of its role in the success of the Agile change.

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Agile tools provide product management with new ways of working with customers to understand and prioritize the work that will give them the most value. Product owners and product managers also know the importance of their regular participation and involvement of cross-functional groups to solidify the partnership of IT.

With the organization's business Agile, product management recognizes that delivering the highest value earlier to customers results in higher customer satisfaction and permits for a sophisticated feedback loop. Tools such as the Google Design Sprint allow product management to prototype and vet ideas earlier with customers.