What is the Importance of Identity Governance and Administration
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What is the Importance of Identity Governance and Administration

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2020

The companies must prioritize the identities who use and transmit the company’s information to track their every move.

FREMONT, CA: A branch of identity and access management is known as IGA, and it has to deal with making accurate access decisions. It allows the companies to adopt the advantages of hyper-connectivity while ensuring that only the correct people have access to the right things and at the right times.

However, if it is done accurately, IGA can make security more accessible. It can also offer the companies with valuable information about the employee activities and their requirement. But if the IGA is not used accurately, then the company can come at a risk, and it can become a waste of time. Here are some of the best practices that can help companies to implement IGA accurately.

1. Make identity the foundation

It is necessary to have a well-managed IGA because the access decisions are based on the identity, and it is the foundation for every security. The companies might think that identity is restricted to customers, employees, businesses, and partners, but it is not the case. Their companies that raise sheep and other cattle have to keep a track where they are going due to it, and every cattle must have a corporate identity.

Therefore, the companies have to keep track of everything like applications, devices, and servers, so it is necessary to assign an identity to anyone and anything that uses or transmits the company’s information.

2. Create a strategic plan

When an automated process helps, the companies can assign the identities and map their access point. They have to decide the permissions they want to keep and the ones they want to change.

Every company must understand its priorities, and they can consult with a stakeholder. The stakeholders will help the organization develop a strategic plan for identity management and include every system, cloud-based, and on-premises.

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