What New Technologies Must the Poultry Farming Industry Adopt?
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What New Technologies Must the Poultry Farming Industry Adopt?

By CIOReview | Friday, January 10, 2020

The poultry farming industry is trying to adopt new technologies so that it can meet the increasing demand of the consumers.

FREMONT, CA: Researchers are estimating that the consumption of chicken meat will exceed pork by 2022. The demand for chicken is escalating every day and meeting the requirements, and the poultry farming industry has to accept the creative and innovative ideas.

Here are some of the top three innovative ideas that the poultry farm or factory can use.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

The technology of augmented reality can be used in poultry processing in several procedures. In recent times, Georgia tech is researching with two systems at their processing plant. The first plant is a location-tracked, head-mounted unit guides trimmers, and it shows where and how the user can prepare a bird on their screen. The second technology uses laser-scanner in a fixed area but near the line to the project to delivers instructions directly on the project.

Furthermore, consumers can also use AR for collecting information regarding the source and their food procedures. Top Food and Beverages Solution Companies

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality can be utilized for training the line works about the process in which they can trim meat, check the animals, and even walk a horse without disturbing the birds.  

It also offers consumers a virtual tour of the facility or a line and promotes transparency. Interestingly there are also VR headsets that can be placed on the chicken with which they can enjoy a free-range life. 

3. Egg sexing

The farmers need to incubate and hatch some of the eggs so that laying hens can be replaced. However, it is not practically possible to sex the eggs before hatching, but due to the usage of this procedure, the male egg is incubated and hatched. 

To overcome the issue, a new technology known as SELEGGT has been formed. The technique analyzes a tiny drop of fluid from the egg to verify the sex of the chick that will develop from the egg. The male eggs are separated and used as a resource for feed.

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