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What Significance Does HPC Hold in Enterprises?

By CIOReview | Friday, February 21, 2020

HPC is slowly emerging with time. However, why enterprises are so desperate to deploy it?

FREMONT, CA: Today, through data, ground-breaking scientific discoveries are being made; game-changing innovations are being fueled, thus improving the lives of billions of people across the globe. High-performance computing (HPC) forms the foundations for industrial, scientific, and societal advancements.

HPC helps enterprises in meeting the increasing demands for processing speed. The flawless technology solves intricate issues quickly and efficiently by bringing together different technologies, like algorithms, computer architecture, programs, system software, and electronics under one canopy. 

Significance of High-Performance Computing

Generally, some issues cannot be mitigated on a commodity computer within a limited time period. At times, there are problems with the execution due to the less available resources.

In these kinds of scenarios, HPC is considered the perfect solution to deal with these restrictions with the help of specialized hardware or by allocating computational power from distinct units. The consequential allocation of operations and data across distinct units requires the parallelization concept.

Top HPC Solution CompaniesAccording to the MarketsandMarkets report, it is anticipated that the HPC market will rise from USD 32.11 billion in 2017 to USD 44.98 billion by 2022. With the rising demand for proficient computing, dependable storage system, and enhanced scalability, HPC systems’ adoption is set to increase in the upcoming years among end-users.

While the usage of HPC matters for numerous reasons, there are at least five reasons, which are conceptually different.

1. Every change in step in HPC indicates an order of magnitude change, which increases the potential for new applications or enhanced use of the existing ones.

2. HPC will be needed as an innovation platform for managing the massive amount of data.

3. HPC represents an opportunity for handling the erosion of Moore’s Law.

4. HPC is changing the scientific technique itself with the introduction of computational simulation.

5. Reduced expenses, as well as growing capabilities, are altering HPC systems and making them available to an array of commercial and institutional uses, including SMBs.

With the constant evolution of HPC systems, its demand is also increasing in the market. HPC is all set to become a necessity rather than an option for graphic-intensive applications that need fast processing. 

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