What to Consider for Managing Crisis Today
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What to Consider for Managing Crisis Today

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

How successful the future of one's business is, relies on the capability of the organization to face a crisis and device technological solutions to overcome the crisis.

FREMONT, CA: Be it a local crisis or a globally spread pandemic, what matters the most in crisis management is the spontaneity, sensitivity, and appropriateness of the organizations. What matters most during a crisis is the spontaneity of dealing with the issues.

Integrating technology in crisis management comes without saying, but along with it, we should also consider the following points.

Spreading awareness and care

During a crisis, it is the responsibility of the business leaders to take up the measures of mitigating the grievances of the customers, partners, and employees. Publishing emails, social media posts and other forms of messages with facts on the current situation and positive words help to reduce the panic among the people. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and similar applications help to deliver these functions from a centralized system.

Looking at the brand's sensitivity response 

We must consider delivering accurate messages to the community as fast as possible, as proactiveness matters during a crisis. We must ensure that the content that we put up is not insensitive to the issues. Project Management Software like Trello or Flow, help in effectively managing the organization's marketing the crisis hour.

Figuring out the best ways to take the customers' team online

Today the pandemic obligates people to stay indoors as much as possible. Hence, we must try to achieve a suitable and efficient 'work from home' system that can sustain that can be successful in the long run. With Microsoft Teams and Quip, one can remotely cater to the needs of the customer. If the business lacks these capabilities, then they must at least drive their customers to a suitable direction that can offer them the services.

The efficiency of communicating with our people

Communication is the primary solution, both within the organization as well as with the customers and partners. Organizing marketing campaigns through emails, posting regular updates, that would interest the customers, and make them realize that we care, help to address the difficulties better. However, these messages should be just right and not overwhelming in their content. 

Extending help and positivity during the crisis

Crisis management seems incomplete without reaching out to the affected. Using marketing automation like Act-On Software, one can create portals that can enable charity activities and raise funds to help the affected people. 

As we aim for better crisis management, we should remember to stay kind, hopeful, and positive during such times. Adding on to this, being authentic and responsive towards the crisis scenario, upholds the business in the long run.

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