What to consider in disaster recovery
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What to consider in disaster recovery

By CIOReview | Monday, December 17, 2018

Disaster recovery (DR) is the security planning that protects an organization from the effects of natural or human-induced disaster. It is considered as a subset of business continuity. DR can help business recover from a significant data loss.  Recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)  are two measurements in disaster recovery. RPO is the maximum age of files that an organization must recover from back up storage.RTO is the amount of time to recover from back up storage, following a disaster. These parameters help in choosing optimal disaster recovery strategies.

A well implemented DR plan can strengthen the organization. The various elements that should synchronize together in the functioning of DR are,

1. Clearly defined organizational responsibilities regarding DR as it is more than recovering and replicating data.

2. Validating the business impact analysis (BIA) process. It is a prerequisite that lays the foundation of DR planning.

3. Implementing a comprehensive cost model for determining and allocating the cost of service.

4. Designing an effective disaster recovery infrastructure.

5. Selecting the right target recovery site. The outsourcing should be based on the desired degree of control, infrastructure availability, and cost.

6. Developing a realistic testing methodology to prove the DR capability.

From planning to execution DR can deliver,

1. Self-awareness about the kinds of threats an organization is going to face, how are they going to impact the organization, and how secure are the available facilities.

2. Customer dropouts following a disruption.

3. A well implemented DR plan can facilitate transformation based efficiencies.

4. Getting all members involved in DR planning, testing, and execution, threats can bring a unifying effect.

DR strategy is absolutely critical for a business. So it is important to plan, test, execute and maintain the DR strategy.