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What's New in the Infor IoT Evolution?

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 5, 2019

In the world of business, change has only been the constant that organizations can depend on. Organizations now need to keep pace with developing customer demands and escalating pressures.

FREMONT, CA: Infor Internet of Things (IoT) is available now in Infor Cloud Multi-Tenant deployments. Infor IoT offers pre-built integration for Cloud MT Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) customers and integrates with devices installed anywhere, including On-Premise and Cloud. As a cloud-enabled enterprise asset management solution, Infor EAM helps enhance the asset performance, with rich incorporated functionality and industry-specific editions from its inception. The provided solution makes use of predictive and preventive technologies to help expand the asset life as well as increase efficiency.

Device Portal: The Infor IoT Device Portal helps make device registration and templates easy for essential onboarding. It also provides the necessary options to witness how several devices get registered and which ones out of them are active.

Data Lake Storage: All incoming data streams from the registered devices that are available on Infor IoT Device Portal get automatically stored in the Infor Data Lake. Organizations can extract the information stored with Infor services.Top IoT Solution Companies

Analytics: Besides collecting the device data from the Infor Data Lake and leveraging BI tools, Infor IoT offers multiple analytic tools directly in the Device Portal. The process turns out to be one of the most convenient methods of visualizing data in different formats, with no time.

Rules Engine: By utilizing the Infor Rules Engine, organizations can take necessary actions on their IoT data. They can create rules to keep an eye on the device readings that fall outside of a particular threshold and trigger the ION Workflows.

EAM Integration: IoT devices are synchronized with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) assets by Infor IoT to make onboarding of devices effortless and quick. The bidirectional synchronization reflects that the IoT device is always organized when it comes to their corresponding assets.

Predictive Maintenance: Organizations can make use of Infor IoT data to bring down the unplanned downtime as well as boost the operating efficiency. By using the Infor Rules Engine, ION, and Infor Coleman Machine Learning, Infor IoT can establish when assets are functioning sub-optimally and using API calls to generate work orders, maintenance requests, notifications, and more.

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