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What's Trending in Future Logistics?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

With the addition of new technology the supply chain is becoming more efficient.  

FREMONT, CA: 2019 continues to be a year which snipes technological advancement within the warehouse and distribution atmosphere. However, with the entire digital unfolding taking place simultaneously, it becomes very complex to realize the specifics of transformation. Then rises the question of what state the logistics industry is currently residing in and where the technological implementations are. The lack of knowledge has caused a significant discussion among skeptics. However, the technological advancements in the supply chain with the integration of artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) is telling a different story.  

Logistics Robots

AI-powered robotics is set to change the entire logistics ecosystem in the upcoming future. With Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva systems, the dramatic alteration started at every stage of a logistics framework. The decision to induce bots will result in increased development of future autonomous systems and elevate the other functionalities of the supply chain. Furthermore, collaborative AI-powered bots will power packaging, shipping, delivering, and servicing sectors accordingly. Recently, with digital indulgence, AI-powered robots are quickly becoming an active player in the supply chain.

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Robots Market Will Dominate in Logistics

The industry professionals and experts believe that by the end of this year, the logistics industry will encounter a 30 percent rise in the deployment of new robotics. Additionally, the decision to introduce upgraded robots into the assembly line will triple the pace of productions. Fully automated AI-bots will further improve the global e-commerce and omnichannel companies, hence increasing the efficiency of warehouses.

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Autonomous Delivery

Once started as a futuristic concept, the autonomous trucks and drones have already begun to make their footprints more visible in the logistics fields. Driverless vehicles and unmanned drones can function delivery-services without the risk of any human fatalities, therefore, decreasing the cost of errors. On the flip side, seamless traffic management by eliminating human errors will become a reality with autonomous vehicles. In the upcoming years, the logistics sector has posed to harness the power of new technology while simultaneously educating the workers for achieving the best results.

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