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Where Technology Fits in the Employee Experience

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Employee experience is becoming the defining factor in workplace satisfaction, and technology is a vital player of this puzzle. As the business world becomes more global, mobile, and digitized, firms are struggling to meet the growing expectations of their employees. Businesses are embracing trends old and new all to improve workforce engagement and employee experience.

Technological innovations have made it easier for a cluster to work together. For instance, online collaboration tools provide an easy and convenient digital channel that facilitates employees to work from their personal computers, which guarantees comfort and safety. Furthermore, such devices reduce the overhead costs while boosting the engagement of the workers. Modern workforce seeks flexibility, and more and more organizations have started providing conducive environments for their employees to increase their creativity and efficiency. It is of vital importance that a company has a wireless internet connection available everywhere in the workplace so that the employees can provide the flexibility of moving around while being able to complete their duties.

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Technology also guarantees a secure environment for employees and organizations in general. Many businesses are moving towards the biometric security systems including voice , facial recognition, or fingerprint systems which free the employees from the hassle of carrying the identity cards always with them and strengthen their feeling of security.

Technological innovations can make the working process much more comfortable and enjoyable for the employee, and they reduce the dissatisfaction of the employees and their exhaustion. With increasing reliance on technology allows trends like bring your own device (BYOD), the internet of things (IoT) and indoor location-based services (LBS), as well as optimizing existing business applications.

Artificial Intelligence technology enhances the onboarding experience through the chatbot. It is programmed to answer questions and direct freshers to the right information. It offers quick responsiveness that builds trust and then translates to a higher retention rate.

Employee experience is such an important word for human resource management, and HR professionals have started realizing that their knowledge and well-being should not be ignored in favor of customer experience.

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