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Which Direction is KM Headed Toward This Year?

By CIOReview | Monday, June 10, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The study on the adoption of latest technologies in Knowledge Management (KM) has created a buzz, which showcases that neither chatbots nor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are going to help escalate the quality of KM professionals in the coming year. However, it is the drivers of change, instead of techniques for designing and managing the systems and approaches in KM. 

In terms of technology, KM teams aim to move to cloud-based platforms majorly and focus on adding or upgrading integrated digital platforms. 

Early adopters have incorporated the cloud platform long ago, but the pace of adoption has recently accelerated. Significant increases in vendors who are pushing organizations to adopt cloud by pointing out the cost benefits are tickling the brains of the company. In several cases, the adaptation of the new technology is happening whether KM leaders are ready for it or not, based on the decisions made upstream from them.

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The topper of the list is Agile—an approach to managing complex projects wherein a small team works in short bursts, constantly testing features, incorporating customer feedback, and delivering the product or solution. Risen from software development, the approach has taken the KM world by storm and is now applied in a plethora of disciplines.

The result of the study conducted among the KM users reflected the need for design thinking, which has been gaining popularity in KM for its human-centric, solution-based method of handling and solving problems specifically concerning to complex or ill-defined challenges. It can also provide value in several ways, among which the customer centricity is the prominent front end of the process, which is entirely focused on understanding the needs, challenges, and applications of the customer. As a result, every step that follows is scooped and developed in the customer’s orientation. The technique of customer centricity ignites creativity by providing the KM professionals the time, space, and freedom to generate multiple solutions to any given problem. 

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Although new technologies are an enormous impetus for KM change, there exists more energy among tools to aid the KM programs to cope with the innovations in technologies and shifting organizational priorities.