Whitelist App from Tripwire

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

PORTLAND, OR: Tripwire, a firm that offers solutions for advanced threat management, security, and compliance, has announced their Whitelist Profiler app for Tripwire Enterprise.

The app aids in the creation of automated and comprehensive reports regarding the system’s settings. The reports can be customized to cover over 600 policy and platform compliance requirements.

When making the report, each parameter in the Whitelist is compared against the current system settings, and a report based on the check is created. The report also contains authorized changes and also provides exceptions and an alert for parameters that don’t match. The app also comes with features to add audit-ready documentation if these changes are warranted. “Organizations need to provide up-to-date detailed documentation on approved waivers. Without these capabilities, security and IT teams have to cope with time consuming, manual processes to create the documentation auditors require,” says Tim Erlin, director of IT risk and strategy for Tripwire.

Offering comprehensive visibility into key configuration settings that are crucial to compliance and security posture like enabled network ports, running OS services, installed software, and active user accounts to help enterprises remain complaint. To meet these requirements, firms must monitor and report on their configuration settings paying attention to any exceptions or waivers made. This task is often too complex to be handled by traditional configuration management and whitelisting tools available in the market today. These tools also demand heavy amounts of manual effort for IT and security personnel.

The Whitelist Profiler app is a commendable addition to Tripwire Enterprise’s line of tools to improve scalability and workflow efficiency for enterprises.