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Why AI Investment Will Yield Rich Dividends

By CIOReview | Friday, May 18, 2018

At a recently held event, Russian supremo Vladimir Putin stated that in the days to come a country's Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities will determine its influence over the world, perhaps even more than nuclear power. The technology has been an integral part of almost every sphere today. For instance, retail platforms offering suggestions to portal visitors based on their preferences and online activities is perhaps a standing example of AI's success. Telecom companies are employing the technology to produce flagship smartphones that enhance user experience and at the same time steer their firms ahead of competitors. Many industry veterans opine that the possibilities of AI are infinite and the world has just witnessed just handful applications of AI. Several factories are employing the technology to oversee the manufacturing process, detect discrepancies and eliminate human intervention to the best possible extent. Cybersecurity solution providers are now employing AI to identify threats and keep vulnerabilities at bay. Hence, adoption of AI has become quintessential for decision makers to propel their companies forward. Most enterprises have realized that investments in the technology will yield great rewards in the months to come and technical teams of enterprises are leaving no stone unturned to upgrade their AI capabilities.