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Why all Construction CIOs are going the Modular Way?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Benefits of modular construction range from the speedy process by using products that are eco-friendly and providing better quality construction with minimum time.

FREMONT, CA: There is a rumor doing the rounds that the next construction project will not be built—it will be manufactured. Even if some people are of a different opinion, it is true that the future of construction is going to be modular. The eco-friendliness and efficiency of the modular construction are reaching a new path, and the manufacturers of modular buildings have already started to build impressive structure globally. Modular building is nothing but a wood-frame building which is to be constructed with prefabricated room modules in a controlled factory environment. Modular construction, in other words, is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and the standard only taking half the time. This method is an eco-friendly way of construction as there is no waste produced, and the usual disturbances that emerge from the construction site are too little to none and the raw material used will mainly be wood, which is a renewable material. Modular houses are in no way comparable to the trailer park or the temporary shacks that comes to mind when someone starts to talk about modular buildings. The modular construction follows the same standards as that of on-site construction, and due to the regular tests done in the factory, the buildings are usually made even better than the building built on site.

The demand for modular construction is leveling up each day, and the people opting for this kind of construction are satisfied with the advanced technology that makes their buildings different from others. Let's have a look at why modular construction is gaining popularity worldwide.

Technological Revolution

First and foremost, the increased use of digital modeling coupled with latest manufacturing techniques like 3D printing has come as a surprise to many. This movement from traditional methods to new technologies have made their way into construction, and the most effective application for these technologies is modular construction.

Decreased Work Labor

Secondly, the modular construction eases the issue of labor. Considering that after the recession, the construction capacity was destroyed, many workers left the job. Many of the workmen chose other professions or retired altogether. Although the construction market started hiking again, an immediate shortage of skilled workforce was noticed as the new generation opted other professions—which means that there was a shortage of skilled working hands on the construction sites.

A perfect combination of growth

The combination of new technological possibilities, loss of workforce, shifts in the economy, and the increasing cost of trades will enhance the growth of modular construction. Adding the increased quality standards, the client's desire and demand for quicker ROI, there will be a hike in getting a tick mark in the construction boxes.

Modular buildings can create beautiful and modern-looking buildings, which is now the second-best to the on-site constructions. Enterprises, clients, or any real estate developer seeking to construct a new building can adopt this method. Modular construction would be the baby step he/she would take. Opting for modular construction will bring immediate benefits for the firms in many ways, some of them include cost-saving, time-saving, less workforce, same quality as the on-site buildings, eco-friendly construction, affordable material use and no delay in logistics, and reduced risk.

Talking about the future with modular construction, the first thing the modular construction will help the people with is by speeding up the construction of large buildings such as hospitals, apartments, schools, hotels, etc. There will come a time when the on-site building construction becomes a great disadvantage, and going modular will be the only choice. Choosing modular construction means the people are not only getting the high-quality, secure building, but also the budget and the schedule will be right.

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