Why are Drones Gaining Popularity?
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Why are Drones Gaining Popularity?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2020

Drones are becoming extensively widespread among various industries due to their efficiency in comparison with the manpower.

FREMONT, CA: In recent times, especially after the rise of COVID-19 sales of drones has doubled, and people are also welcoming the idea of possessing such devices. These unmanned aerial vehicles are now utilized for more practical and innovative ways. 

Drones have already entered into the world of technology and consumer use. Many organizations are looking forward to using these machines to increase their efficiency and productivity. Drones can be applied for primary purposes and also for some creative ideas. Here are some of the fields that are using drones and benefitting from it. 


The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have penetrated the world of military and defense. Governments of various countries are using drones for several reasons, particularly the places where it can be difficult for humans or military personnel to go. 


Many drones are small in size, so it becomes easy for them to enter the constricted areas. Besides, they also have advanced cameras, which makes them suitable for detecting bombs. Therefore, aerial vehicles can make security officers aware of live bombs and save lives. 


To maintain the defense of a country, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections. Drones can help the military monitor areas where exceptional security is required to protect the people and the place. 



The media and entertainment industry are using drones to their full capabilities. These days lots of movies are being produced where they shot some of the scenes by using quadcopters or other forms of drones. 

As drones can reach places where it might not be possible for a reporter to visit have increased their demand in journalism. Moreover, the demand for live broadcast or real-time images is rising among people due to which drones have become extensively prominent among the journalist.


One of the essential aspects of the drones is its disaster management. UAVs can be used in cases of human-made disasters or during natural calamities. They can coordinate with valuable resources and reduce the requirement of the vast amount of workforce during emergencies. 


The shipping and delivery industry is still developing the process of using UAVs, but if the idea becomes a reality, then it can be a revolutionary change in the industry. It will enhance the delivery time by reducing it and also decrease human labor.