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Why are start-ups performing better in the digital market?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In this era of transformation, every asset in the world is going through the phase of digitalization. Traditional companies, who have confined themselves to legacy technology, have been suffering the most in this twilight of evolution. The use of old technologies has constrained their productivity since these conventional methods are no way a match for modern day advancements. To live up to the demands of the market, it is quintessential for companies to innovate and invent; but large companies concentrate on the quality of the product they deliver. These establishments don’t indulge in taking market risks with large investments. This is where newer and smaller companies succeed. The small companies acquire knowledge of new digital techniques and implement them practically in their business models. With very little to lose, these small companies afford to take risks and win in the long run. They prioritize customer problems and in the process innovate in accordance with the demand of their customers.

Studies reveal that organizations need to publish and update new content on their websites regularly. For this purpose, dynamic websites are put to use where the content of the website is controlled by a disruption-free database. Using these websites, the content or information can be updated in real-time. Additionally, organizations need to focus on ‘site factories’ or ‘digital factories’ to give a stable foundation to their website. These multi-site platforms govern digital experience websites. When incorporated practically, they help companies to speed up processes, save time and capital in the long run.

Digitally fit organizations tackle obstacles and stay ahead of time. They predict, innovate, and deliver to finally excel. 

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