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Why Chatbot should be the Weapon to Elevate Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, May 20, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Customers don’t just purchase a product or service, but they perceive the entire process as an experience or journey they recall when doing business with the company again. Customer Experience is a total of all experiences and moments a company has before, after, and while using a particular company’s product or service. It is the customer’s perception of the brand. Today, for customer service or to enhance customer experience, companies are leaning on technologies. It is where Chatbots come into the role. While the benefits for the company that uses chatbots include reducing costs, the real winner will be the customers. Here is how a chatbot enhances customer experiences.

Live Chat

Chatbot streamlines communication between customers and services. They possess special language processing skills to communicate in a human-like manner. Chatbots deliver an intimate and personal experience to the customers. They have the potential to provide recommendations to the users and give promotional offers, services, and discounts at optimal times. Customer support chatbots even can respond to the initial customer queries without interrupting their journey with the brand.

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Customer Engagement

Apart from being an assistant in the purchasing process, chatbots are proficient in engaging in outbound marketing by interacting with the customers even after the purchase. Sending follow up messages, wishing customers on special occasions, offering discounts, announcing new products and services, sending survey and feedback forms, and giving quality information are specific methods chatbots use for engaging customers with the brand.

Lead Generation

Chatbots are designed to gather user-centric data, including purchase behavior, preferences, and likes. They assist in developing customized marketing messages, which will eventually help in lead generation. Businesses can keep track of the conversations with customers for future reference with help desk software.

Social Media Marketing

As chatbots can interact with users, they can be integrated with social media platforms to draw user’s information through Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, companies can execute marketing campaigns and reach out to customers irrespective of where their business is.

Customer Support

Keeping the customers waiting until an employee is available to answer their query creates a negative impression. Chatbots help companies solve such issues by responding to customer’s questions at any time. Furthermore, they are developed to offer the customers a feeling of conversing with a human operator.

Customer support chatbots not only help companies achieve higher efficiency but assist a customer at different multitudes by solving their queries. By deploying intelligent search functions and streamlining processes, chatbots transform customer experience effectively and drive toward business success.