Why Companies are Using Case Studies for Marketing
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Why Companies are Using Case Studies for Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

The companies are using case studies for marketing so that they can appeal to the customers in better ways.

FREMONT, CA: Today, most consumers utilize the internet to find local businesses and read online reviews. Such customers understand that a little online research can save them from bad experiences and poor budget investment.

The marketing case study's objective is to persuade that a product, process, or service can solve a problem because it has successfully done that in the past. Applying the studies' quantitative and qualitative results can appeal to logic while showcasing what a success for the buyer is. Both of them can be a powerful motivator and objection remover.

When to Use a Case Study

Here are some of how companies can market their case studies to benefit from it.

1. Case study template to develop PDFs for email or downloads

The companies must underestimate the value of offering social proof at an accurate time to add value and earn their business. The case studies can be immensely useful during the consideration phase of the buyer's journey when they are comparing solutions and providers for solving an issue they are experiencing.

This is one of the primary reasons why case studies in an independent PDF format can be extremely beneficial in marketing and sales. The marketers can utilize the PDFs as downloads in web content or email campaign. On the other hand, the sales reps can use the assets during demonstrations, follow-up, or overcome objections.

The easiest method for developing PDF case studies is by utilizing a case study template. The process will decrease the amount of time the companies spend on creating and designing a case study without losing aesthetics. It can also ensure that every case study will follow the same branded format.

2. Have a dedicated case studies page

The companies must also have a webpage dedicated to housing the case studies. They can name the webpage as examples of their work, case studies, or success studies, but ensure that it is easy for the visitors to find it.

Structures on the page are important as initial challenges are clear for every case and the process, results, and goals. One of the popular examples of a well-structured case study page is Think With Google.

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