Why Customer Experience Strategy is Important
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Why Customer Experience Strategy is Important

By CIOReview | Friday, February 1, 2019

Digital consumer demand and expect a brand to exceed their expectations every time they deal with a brand. The customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right product to buy and would always go with the best in the market that fits their budget. Delivering a remarkable customer experience (CX) is crucial for a business to survive in this age of digital transformation. Intelligent customer interaction management (CIM) software facilitates in addressing key challenges every business faces in delivering best customer service.

Customer experience is defined by interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship which can include awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases, and service. Customer experience is an important part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) because a customer who has a positive experience with a business is more likely to become a repeated and loyal customer.

Organizations have to invest in customer experience to make sure their customers stay loyal.

Robotic process automation (RPA) in customer experience

We can expect exponential growth in robotic process automation as its capabilities increase. Machine learning, Artificial intelligence are giving this technology the ability to combine scenarios, increase understanding, and make real-time predictive decisions. Organizations are able to predict what customers’ future behavior is likely to be, whether it’s their tendency to take up a product, or the likelihood of a service issue arising. All this is reshaping customer experience as a more proactive and personalized experience.

Machines can be more capable and accurate when compared to people as they can cope with multiple geographical compliance issues and address them. This is impacting the organization’s knowledge management capabilities, as rules about governance and compliance need to be built into the automation in order to benefit from it. There is a huge growth in robotic process automation, due to its power to reduce cost, speed up customer handling, and make interactions more personalized.

Data management

The increase in automation is producing a lot more data, and this is adding to the complication of managing data within organizations. With the growing number of channels, automate interactions, the volume, and complexity of the data being collected rise exponentially. When this happens, the organization’s ability to capture, process, govern and analyze that data also has to evolve rapidly.


People are impressed with how the companies they do business with seem to understand them. The ability to use data to analyze customer’s buying patterns, and then use that data to promote or provide a customized experience is getting easier.

Customer experience will rise to the top

Companies are spending more on CX and making it a priority and the real impact is on the marketing department. Customer service and customer experience were the best marketing investments a company can make and it will continue to be.