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Why Data Integration is Important for Every Business

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Integration and assimilation of data is for every individual and business, which empowers them to make accurate decisions and choices driven by data.

FREMONT, CA: Data Integration has transformed new age business models and revolutionised the way investors’ access and consume data. Every business, big or small needs data integration, to streamline your services and deepen team unity.

A complex yet precise process, data integration is the act of consolidating data from all archives and presenting it in the form of digestible information. With this, one can present gigabytes of data into simple yet impactful nuggets of information, to impress their buyers or clientele.

Golden Age of Data

Analysts have pegged that almost 2.5 quintillion data bytes gets created every day, and 103,447,520 spam emails are unleashed. Therefore, now more than ever, it is important to have proper management and integration systems that will extract, transform and load data to aid one’s business model.

Clear Definition of Goals

Clear formatting of goals and outcomes is imperative for achieving data integration. A clear definition of goals will allow your teams to decide which method to use and accurately streamline their resources towards achieving the feat.

Data Management and Security

The process is important as it can update your data, increase the reach and eliminate conflict between systems. Two sides of the same coin, data management and security go hand-in-hand. One will need to identify all storage systems for personal and company data, for effective management and security.


The employees are the vessel, which will ensure the success of your data integration system. A well-equipped and qualified IT team will use necessary data tools to achieve the company’s goals and expand opportunities. There also arises the complex question of what data would suit the accessible and what has to be restricted.

The Kind of Integration

A suitable data integration method would take place depending on the size of the business and the varied challenges they face. An external integration software or data combination should also be decided with due consideration given to company resources and budget.

Data Integration is extremely necessary for any kind of business, as it simplifies the operations and yields positive results, saving time, money and labour.

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