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Why HPC is Significant in the Healthcare Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 4, 2021

Groundbreaking scientific discoveries and game-changing innovations fuel and are improving the quality of life for billions of people worldwide, and HPC is known for its scientific, industrial, and societal advancements.

FREMONT, CA: High-performance computing (HPC) is the capacity to process data and perform critical and sophisticated calculations at high speeds. HPC is a form of supercomputing that helps digest heavy workloads and provide valid and lucid results. HPC helps advance medical research in other ways. For instance, it has led to the creation of a non-invasive robotic arm controlled by the brain, which is a potentially life-changing breakthrough for people living with paralyzed limbs. HPC is also known to accelerate drug discovery for many diseases.

The main potential reason to adopt HPC is that it can transform the healthcare industry. Still, for the organization's HPC infrastructure to run reliably and smoothly, it must first be built on a base with storage that can keep up with very high and robust compute speeds. If storage is unavailable or becomes slow, research will slow down and ends in a halt altogether, or in the worst of all, the data can be lost, resulting in destroying years of work. If not programmed carefully,  years of data is will gone along with the life-changing treatments that will also get delayed. Still, budgets can be overextended, and the competition can ultimately get the edge.

Individual companies and organizations have come up with series of systems that enable fast, cost-effective, and reliable storage solutions that help to keep the healthcare operations keep on running as fast as the data scientist's project platform evolves. Along with the speed, reliability, and easy scaling capacity, these systems also reduce the total cost of ownership because industry-leading density helps to bring down infrastructure costs like cooling and heating.

As technologies like the IoT, AI, and 3-D imaging evolve, the size and amount of data firms have to work with is increasing exponentially along with HPC. HPC also helps develop cures for deathly diseases like cancer and diabetes, enables a faster and accurate patient diagnosis, and results in robust results.

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