Why Implementation of CAFM Solution is Beneficial
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Why Implementation of CAFM Solution is Beneficial

By CIOReview | Monday, June 28, 2021

Facilities management software solutions are among the most innovative advancements with numerous features to keep better track of the facility's operations and assets. 

FREMONT, CA: CAFM stands for Computer-Aided Facility Management, a type of facility managed software design that automates and optimizes daily property activities such as inspections, maintenance, tenant relations, subcontractor management, and compliance tracking.

CAFM has the potential to integrate and streamline the building and its associated facilities with the operations and inhabitants of the company that uses the software.

One of the most significant improvements in the last decade has been facilities management software systems. Computer-aided facilities management software may help the firm keep track of its operations and assets, increase productivity, and plan more efficiently with a wide range of features and benefits.

Facility and maintenance management software provides communication and information capabilities to managers, service employees, and even tenants to successfully track work orders in the property. A CAFM gives users an easy-to-use facility management system for creating and monitoring tasks and to keeps track of their expenses. CAFM allows users to monitor data and take action as needed, whether it's an unplanned fault or regular maintenance.

Important Reasons for Implementing a CAFM Solution


Even though spreadsheets are a suitable way to log data and organize workflow, they are only appropriate for small-scale use. Additionally, it lacks consistency in data collection and reporting and is exposed to severe data security threats. The CAFM system, on the other hand, will enable businesses to log accurately, report, and monitor data information, so boosting overall performance, communication, and expenses.


A CAFM's detailed reporting capacity enables companies to make efficient and educated decisions based on real-time data. The facility managers will handle resources more productively and efficiently if they have easy access to information.


To reduce the learning curve, most CAFMs provide a user-friendly system interface. Some of them can use the API to connect third-party apps like asset management and ERP systems and integrate IoT sensors and BIM to provide organization-wide operational transparency.

Big Data

CAFM is becoming a necessary component of facility management services to effectively utilize data. The organization can transform asset location, history, and lifecycle cost into efficient predictive maintenance programs if they have instant access to this information.

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