Why is Penetration Testing Critical to an Organization?
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Why is Penetration Testing Critical to an Organization?

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 8, 2021

Businesses should be aware of this potential security vulnerability by conducting penetration tests and developing solutions before a malicious hacker discovers it.

FREMONT, CA: A penetration test is a proactive solution for identifying critical areas of weakness in information technology systems and preventing businesses from suffering significant financial and reputational losses. However, entrepreneurs must conduct penetration tests regularly, at least once or twice a year, to ensure their business's continuity. Professional security analysts can advise them on the procedures and investments necessary to create a safer work environment within their organization.

The following are some of the primary reasons, penetration testing is critical:

Regulations and compliance that facilitate

If entrepreneurs do not conduct a penetration test on their products, they will evaluate the impact of not complying with specific laws and regulations during the risk assessment. Failure to comply with regulations can result in a hefty fine, the loss of their operating license, or days in prison in the worst-case scenario. It is critical to seek legal counsel to evaluate local laws and regulations and ensure that their business complies with them.

Frequent pen tests can assist businesses in complying with the safety regulations outlined in leading security standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 and avoiding the hefty fines associated with non-compliance. These requirements enable company executives and device owners to conduct daily penetration testing and security audits with the assistance of trained security experts.

For instance, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) mandates annual and routine penetration testing for organizations that process a large volume of transactions (after any changes in the system). Additionally, the comprehensive reports generated by penetration tests will assist organizations in strengthening their security controls and demonstrating ongoing due diligence to evaluators.

Identify hidden vulnerabilities in the system before criminals exploiting them

The most accurate method of determining the level of protection is to learn how it can be hacked. A penetration test enables entrepreneurs to choose their device's resistance to external hacking attempts securely. It simulates the behavior of a potential intruder by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities caused by code errors, software glitches, unstable settings, configuration errors, or operational weakness.

The primary distinction between a penetration test and a real-world hacking experience is the secure and managed manner the penetration test is conducted. It simulates a specific attack scenario and exploits the vulnerabilities to demonstrate the potential harm caused by a malicious hack attempt. Additionally, the client company can pre-define the scope and timing of the penetration test and is informed in advance of any successful exploitation of vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure.

Penetration testing is typically performed immediately following the introduction of new systems and applications or following the implementation of significant system improvements (e.g., changes to firewall policies, configuration updates, fixes, and software upgrades). This service will assist them in identifying and validating potential security vulnerabilities in their information technology systems before cybercriminals exploiting them and successfully bringing new products to market.

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