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Why non-IT employees are now driving decisions about SaaS and cloud applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 24, 2018

During the age of participation, organizations across the world are driving themselves towards greater access to technology, and the tech expertise inside the business is no longer confined to IT sector itself. Enterprises are using cloud computing and SaaS applications, be it a public, private or hybrid cloud environment enables them to perform tasks at the minimal expenditure. Also, with the SaaS apps, enterprises experience greater speed in delivery of technology and are able to address issues at a much faster rate than before. Enterprises are continuously pushing themselves forward in order to acquire neoteric technologies, and SaaS has been key to this paradigm shift in the demand.

The Line of Business (LOB) has been under constant pressure due to the advancement of technology along with the new and hyper-capitalized competitors pushing towards digital innovation. Hence, the LOBs are going digital, leaving a minimal margin and simultaneously highlights the fact that without them the IT department has a minimum effect on modern-day businesses. Similarly, cloud computing solutions affect the enterprise as a whole, regardless of the expertise in how these services are used elsewhere in the company. Cloud computing and SaaS apps not only solves the problem of data storage and security but also enables also allows remotely situated employees to access applications seamlessly.

Therefore, to get ahead in the competitive market, businesses must choose the correct technology by maintaining a perfect balance between them and the departments in order to obtain right level of governance and control.