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Why Should Enterprises Adopt IAM Tools?

By CIOReview | Friday, December 6, 2019

People who have access into network and technologies are increasing by the day, and as a result, more enterprises face a high amount of threat. Adopting the right identity and access management tools will help enterprises protect the data and keep it secure.

FREMONT, CA: Identity and Access Management (IAM) refers to a system of policies and solutions that are used to match the users and applications having the most appropriate access securely. Since the security environment and solutions infrastructure have been advancing, every enterprise needs to identify any gaps that are related to tools and processes for defining roles, access requirements for each type of user, and your audit requirements.  There are 3 A's that are essential for maintaining security for the business.


Multi-factor adaptable authentication minimizes the risks of single-factor processes and helps enterprises comply with standards and regulations.  Multi-factor also needs each user to have unique credentials, removing the sharing of logins and passwords for better security network access. These features circulate knowing and managing users using the directory service. This comprises tools that are capable of:

• Managing individual identity and permissions by roles

• Managing passwords and multi-factor authentication

• Supporting complex remote support by vendors

• Supporting single sign-on across platforms and systems

• Securely managing, rotating, and inserting privileged credentials


High-definition auditing tools track activities, which are not limited to files transferred, commands entered, and services accessed. The enterprises should look for the tools that offer:

• Detailed log files

• Recordings of remote and desktop sharing sessions

• Audit tracking for all individual users

• Monitoring


Users should have limited access to certain commands and networks/subnetworks by least privilege, and they need to know the collaboration requirements. Access tools should contain:

• Control access across multiple operating systems and devices

• Enable collaboration and chat among users

• Integrate with CRM solutions

• Offer granular, directory-based access controls and scheduling

• Provide granular command filtering and canned script and command

The threat is here

Every business is facing the troubles of costly and crippling data breaches. IAM tools offer the foundation for mitigating risks from employees, customers, and vendors.

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