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Why the Financial Service Industry Should Leverage DevOps?

By CIOReview | Friday, June 15, 2018

With an aim to deliver technologically updated solutions to their customers, all the entities in the financial service industry, including trading firms, stock exchanges and banks are resorting to DevOps methodologies. DevOps enables development and operations engineers to simultaneously work on products throughout the product development lifecycle and thus facilitates faster deployment of technologically-updated products to customers in safe and efficient ways.

Using the flexibility provided by DevOps, financial service providers have been able to keep up with the recent technological trends in the finance marketplace by optimizing their back-end processes and systems operating those processes. By doing so, DevOps has allowed financial services companies to enhance the quality of software releases while addressing compliance and security strategies. Although numerous financial services companies initially considered DevOps methodologies as risky, today, with advancements in the field, DevOps helps them locate issues and tackle threats swiftly. Owing to the security offered by DevOps, the major players in the financial service industry has started automating their software delivery pipelines.

DevOps methodologies, with their ability to connect with the entire organization, accomplishes IT processes and scales them globally to enable robust pathways for productions and ensure clear visibility among departments. These implementations when summed together minimize manual human intervention, and eliminate friction between teams of the financial service provider and orchestrate every aspect of the software delivery pipeline to operate efficiently. Considering the many advantages of leveraging DevOps, financial services companies embrace it to enhance their overall productivities and revolutionize their operations. 

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