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Why the Hospitality Industry Must Adopt Revenue Management Tools?

By CIOReview | Monday, January 27, 2020

The adoption of cloud-based systems in revenue management has helped the hospitality industry become more flexible and increase profits.

FREMONT, CA: In recent times, revenue management systems have evolved because of the adoption of cloud-based systems by several organizations. The software development procedure has become more flexible because of the cloud, and that has enhanced the benefits of the new features. Moreover, real-time and data-driven intelligence has also become a common factor in the leading tools of the hotel industry.

Since the hospitality industry is experimenting with the latest methods like attributes-based selling to sell their inventory the best revenue management software is forecasting change, test features, and also deliver because of the promise of overall revenue optimization.

Top Travel and Hospitality Solution CompaniesA complete approach towards revenue management consists of a solution from several groups like RMS, business intelligence, CRS, and rate shopper. Few solutions are one-stop-shop, and others overlap. 

The hotels have to decide whether they want to apply multi-purpose solutions or use a modified tech stack. Still, they have to make sure that their priority is flexibility, extensibility, and agility.

Here are some of the best tools that will help to develop revenue management. 

Rate shoppers

There are two principal functions of the rate shoppers. They are to observe how the competitors of a hotel are pricing their rooms and to recognize the channels that breach the parity agreement. Rate shoppers can be easily applied in revenue management solutions.

Revenue management software (RMS)

The revenue optimization (RO), also known as the revenue management software prioritizes on optimizing the revenue by helping to make appropriate decisions on pricing. However, inputs might differ across the solutions. Still, two underlying factors conclude the price, one is the popularity of the local market, and the other is the demand predicted for an individual property.

Central reservation systems (CRS)

The heart of revenue management is the central reservation system. Every reservation is processed and managed in the CRS because it is the central hub that helps in avoiding double booking. CRS also assists in other administrating works like keeping updating the availability all over the channels and systems in real-time.

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