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Why the Technology Sector Needs Women like Senator Jackson at the Helm?

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA – The longstanding social and cultural barriers have inhibited the growth of women in technology. The lack of access, connections, and opportunities has not only deprived women of economic equality but also hindered innovation by confining the much-needed novel talent. However, women are breaking the glass ceiling and starting to take the helm of the technological world. The recent 25th Women in Technology International (WITI) Summit in San Jose was one such event where several women, as well as men with leadership skills, gathered to support women in technology.

The participants at the WITI summit this year numbered to over 2,200. Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson was one of the speakers of the event who said, “We’ve got to be the change makers of corporate America as well as make life better for the next generation.”

When asked about the women empowerment in technology, she said:

“The induction of women into corporate boards will enhance innovation and assist the stakeholders in maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Women are leaders of the future, and equipping them with the necessary tools can help the organization grow. As leaders, it is essential to create opportunities for women to empower them. Let’s come together and change the culture of corporate America.”

She encouraged women to take charge, while also urging men to lend support to the movement. The Senator has authored the Senate bill 826 to establish gender diversity on corporate executive boards in the state of California. Supporting the cause of women in technology for many years, she has advocated equal pay, among other issues hindering the advancement of women in the sector and has been bestowed with the WITI’s champion of the year award for her work.

The efforts of WITI and outspoken leaders such as Senator Jackson have helped women come a long way in the corporate world. Not only are women exhibiting interest in technology, but also the organizations are targeting women to implement a diversity of talent in the workplace. To encourage young girls into entering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related fields, there is a need for more female role models in leadership positions. Hence, it is high time we come together and take steps toward inspiring and encouraging the next generation of women leaders.