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Why You Should Start Integrating IoT into Your ERP Systems?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The integration of IoT into ERP systems will enhance the data gathering and analyzing capabilities of organizations, ensuring greater return of investment (ROI).

FREMONT, CA: – Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has turned into a trend among leading organizations across the world. Many are looking into the prospects of enhancing ERP by integrating it with the internet of things (IoT), potentially paving the way for operation excellence, workflow automation, and improved customer experience.

It is often challenging for organizations to handle the influx of vast data from the digitally-driven world. A rising number of companies are looking to incorporate emerging technology to assist them in managing the data. ERP provides a unified solution for organizations to amalgamate their business operations, enabling employees to have complete control with the resources.

ERP tools allow organizations to plan and manage their resources, including people, material, money, and so on. It has fueled business excellence, enabling organizations to enhance their functionalities. However, the integration of IoT with ERP will not only allow organizations to stand out from their competition but will also drive revenue growth.

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Over the years, ERP has evolved into a tool capable of various business functions, including cloud-based services. It has enabled organizations to consolidate their business applications into a single platform, thus augmenting data visibility, control, and resource management.

IoT technology offers great potential for organizations by itself, enabling them to gather vast troves of data through a network of cameras and sensors. The sensors embedded within products allow organizations to procure detailed information regarding product status, ranging from productions until it reaches the customer.

However, more important than the quantity of the data is its quality. Relevant data leads to better actionable insights for business expansion strategies. The integration of IoT and ERP will enable organizations to enhance data availability. The data accumulated from the IoT devices can be directly fed to the ERP software.

The integration will empower manufacturers to keep track of the products sold to the customers by automatically updating the information in the ERP systems. The organizations will be able to achieve essential business insights instantly and make quick and tactical decisions to improve revenue generation. Although robust ERP systems bring efficiency and accuracy into the organizations, the incorporation of IoT will empower business growth and success.

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