Wi-Fi Alliance Unveils Wi-Fi HaLow to Power Internet of Things

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LAS VEGAS,NV: WI-Fi Alliance, a non- profit industry association unveils the new Wi-Fi HaLow which is designed for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology. IEEE 802.11ah is a networking protocol that utilizes 1 GHz license-exempt bands to provide extended range of Wi-Fi networks that cater specifically to the IoT (Internet of Things).

The main features of Wi-Fi HaLow are that it operates in a bandwidth below 1 Gigahertz, longer range, broad ecosystem and power efficient product. It can extend Wi-Fi upto 900 MHZ enabling low power connectivity for applications that include sensors and wearables devices in large scale industries thereby providing a robust connection in challenging environments.

Wi-Fi HaLow supports IP based connectivity which connects to the cloud and maintains its critical role in the IoT. This further targets smart city environments, as well as digital healthcare, connected car, agricultural, retail, and industrial applications. Wi-Fi HaLow also offers users with multi-vendor interoperability, secure & simple set up and government-grade security.

“Wi-Fi HaLow is well suited to meet the unique needs of the Smart Home, Smart City, and industrial markets because of its ability to operate using very low power, penetrate through walls, and operate at significantly longer ranges than Wi-Fi today,” says Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance.