Wi-Fi has Become an Integral Part of Life: Report

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

THOUSAND OAKS, CA: A survey conducted by Xirrus, provider of high-performance wireless networks, reveals that Wi-Fi has become an important part of life and with the increased use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the necessity of Wi-Fi networks to provide good performance, reliability and security has developed. The survey was conducted on hundreds of respondents of North America and Europe on their Wi-Fi habits and expectations.

‘Where the Wires End Survey’, survey by Xirrus, shows Wi-Fi’s applicable effects on our daily lives, as well as its influence on the communications’ future.This leads to the re-evaluation of the service by the businesses and how they design their Wi-Fi networks to meet users’ expectations to connect everywhere, on any device, at any time without any complication.

According to the study, 97 percent of the consumers connect to Wi-Fi at their home, while 88 percent of them at work and 82 percent at hotels. Airports show 72 percent of consumers and coffee shops 63 percent. The report also highlights some key findings, like Wi-Fi trumps security which means that 79 percent of people think that public Wi-Fi is not secure but still 62 percent of them use it, 66 percent of travelers shift hotels and 49 percent change their airlines based on Wi-Fi experiences. Likewise, 84 percent of people feel that bad Wi-Fi has kept them from doing their job, and 90 percent of users own at least one once connected device, such as laptop, tablet, etc. and every one in three own a wearable device of some kind, like smart watch, fitness band, etc.

Commenting on the survey and its result, Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus, marks, “The proliferation of Wi-Fi connected devices combined with the expectation of steadfast connectivity has put increased demand on Wi-Fi networks everywhere. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the enterprise. Our study highlights the need for organizations to reinforce their networks to ensure a seamless connected experience for users at all times, no matter the location.”