Will 2020 be the Year of Gamification?
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Will 2020 be the Year of Gamification?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Gamification keeps growing in importance for the past years and is expected to grow in the future too. Industries like corporate governance, finance, healthcare, wellness, and education will benefit most with gamification.

FREMONT, CA: Gamification is not that new a technology, but it saw huge prominence during the end of the last decade. As organizations face issues in engagement and retention rates, gamification provided the antidote to bring back the consumer's attention. Considering the gamification trends that can be seen, repeating the game mechanics is not an easy task now. Here, we will be talking about the top gamification changes that keep the significance of incorporating learning. Comprehending these transformations will assist the employees to be motivated, fuel user-engagement, increase sales, or solve a business issue using the phenomenon of gamification.

Today, every sector has the economy to execute the fundamentals of gamification, and it possesses the most significant potential to create an impact on businesses. Businesses that aim to be prominent in competitive fields such as retail, entertainment, mobile apps, and e-commerce has a profound effect on leveraging gamification.

Most of the millennials or Gen Z are disengaged at work, hence to attend these challenges, the business started implementing gamification with mobile apps and social media to bring-in convenience and simplify access for the employees. Small companies can witness syncing elements of gamification into mobile apps. Several traits like focus, motivation, and excitement from the gaming industry, are borrowed and can be applied to real-life activities in the businesses. Gamification can also impact the immersive technologies such as AR/VR/MR to bring-in engaging experiences to the audience.

Earlier, marketers and businesses follow one gamified design to obtain results from all kinds of situations, but personalization is trending in gamification. Most of the gamification platforms these days have a personalization built-in as technologies such as machine learning and AI that will bring massive changes. Now, platforms are using data-driven approaches to track and analyze success. Thus, businesses can build a clear objective and classify the measurable. In the future, gamification trends will be playing a vital role in the success of the companies.

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