Will AI For Sales Replace Salespeople?
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Will AI For Sales Replace Salespeople?

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2022

There is a marketing AI tool that will write email subject lines for user. Using samples of a company's marketing copy, humans train the tool's machine learning. However, the tool then creates its own email subject lines.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence encompasses a variety of technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and others. At their core, however, all of these technologies assist machines in performing specific cognitive tasks on par with or better than human beings. For example, AI-powered computer vision systems in self-driving cars can detect obstacles like humans do, allowing the machine to take the wheel.

Using artificial intelligence, your favorite voice assistant, such as Alexa or Siri, understands the user's words and responds in kind. Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation engines to suggest movies and products one might like; AI makes assumptions about one's preferences the same way that another product or movie enthusiast might.

These technologies analyze large datasets. They do more than just crunch numbers. They extract insights from data using advanced computer science techniques and superior computational firepower.

These discoveries can then be used to make predictions, suggestions, and decisions. The most impressive capabilities in sales are powered by this type of AI, known as "machine learning." Machine learning is a kind of AI that recognizes patterns in large amounts of data. The machine uses these patterns to make predictions. Then, over time, it uses more and more data to improve those predictions.

The Result?

Machine learning-powered technology improves over time, often without human intervention.

The AI will change the way sales teams operate. However, these tools frequently supplement rather than replace human salespeople. Indeed, AI tools are increasingly taking over tasks that human salespeople lack the ability or time to perform.

For example, one of the tools listed below follows up with leads without human intervention, even conducting two-way conversations with them. Rather than letting leads fall through the cracks, every lead is contacted, nurtured, and qualified. When the lead becomes warm or requires human attention, the machine transfers it to a human representative.

Most AI sales tools empower humans instead of automating one out of existence.